Joe Letchford is an American graphic designer pursuing his MFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

His personal work focuses predominately in exploring the natural environment and the different ways that we as a digitally litterate society interact with it.

Joe’s work has and will always be in a state of flux, one that is constantly changing—maybe not drastically—but certainly always. Always growing from successful and unsuccessful ideas. Re-working the thoughts and sharpening the concepts, Joe is always chiseling out the framework of his methods of production and thought process.

He is constantly working.

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  • National Portfolio Day
    Poster Design


    DesignWorks was asked by NPDA to create this years international National Portfolio Day poster. My concept revolved around the scanning bed and the gesture of casting your works in front of a potential institution for critique. I wanted to keep it fun and also give myself the change to run around and play with my typographic choices as well as my formal elements. It was an absolute blast to create this poster.


    Currently in print, better documentation will come.

    24x36 in, CMYK offset, Edition of 46,000.

  • The New Americans
    Exhibition Identity, Print Design


    This exhibition put put four artists’ diverse philosophical and methodological approaches in dialogue with one another and the gallery space at MCAD. Their varying explorations of cultural assimilation and attitudes toward representational responsibility tie directly into the formal aesthetic choices they make, photographic history, and the current political climate.

    Postcards for the installation

    Waterstone Waterstone Waterstone Waterstone

    Iterations of the logo concept

    Waterstone Waterstone Waterstone Waterstone Waterstone

    Final Design


    5.5x8.5 in, CMYK Digital, Edition of 5000.

  • Waterstone Review
    Publication Design, Poster Design


    Water~Stone Review is a literary annual published by the The Creative Writing Programs at Hamline University. The review publishes work in all genres as well as essay/reviews and writers’ interviews. Features include three contests and photography curated by myself.

    Waterstone Waterstone Waterstone Waterstone Waterstone Waterstone Waterstone Waterstone

    Poster, Postcards, Web, Book Marks, 6x9 in, 300 pg. Offset CMYK, Edition of 5000.


  • Master of Fine Arts Thesis Catalog
    Publication Design, Exhibition Design, Way-finding

    aster of Fine Arts

    The Minneapolis College of Art and Design’s Master of Fine Arts program is a community of makers, thinkers, theorists, researchers, and creative professionals working in a mentor- based, interdisciplinary educational environment. This incredible collection of work represents the capstone activity of two years of intensive study and a relentless pursuit of creative excellence. The candidates graduating this spring reflect the truly interdisciplinary nature of our mentor-based program and demonstrate the importance of personal expression and achievement.

    The design of this catalog was based around two sidereal years to represent the amount of time these graduates spent in the program. Another major conceptual aspect to this publication had to do with the spiral bind. This binding decision was dictated by my desire for the cycle and that the publication itself was a cyclical object, not linear. Keeping with this conceptual idea, I created the system within the publication to adhere to this cycle. Each spread theoretically represents itself as the cover, by keeping the necessary information visible you will always know what it is you are picking up.

    aster of Fine Arts aster of Fine Arts aster of Fine Arts aster of Fine Arts aster of Fine Arts aster of Fine Arts aster of Fine Arts

    7.5x10 in, 85 pg. CMYK Digital, Edition of 600.

    Promotional .gif, Web.

    12x36 in, CMYK Digital.

  • MCAD's Fine Arts Booklet
    Publication Design

    MCAD's Fine Arts Booklet

    Catalog geared towards potential incoming fine art freshman. The publication focuses on MCAD’s facilities, program details, current students, and the faculty that teach at the university. This was an important design for advertising the Fine Art program at MCAD, and it was the first catalog of its kind created for that particular department.

    MCAD's Fine Arts Booklet MCAD's Fine Arts Booklet MCAD's Fine Arts Booklet MCAD's Fine Arts Booklet MCAD's Fine Arts Booklet

    32 Pages, 4 color CMYK , 5.5 x 8in. Edition of 20,000.

  • MCAD Printed Ephemera
    Print Design


    Third Rail Ad


    Advertisement design for the Third Rail publication.


    Fall Events Postcard

    Postcard Design

    MCAD's Fine Arts Booklet

    Physical advertisement for the possible 2017 incoming freshman.

    MCAD's Fine Arts Booklet

    CMYK, 4x6 in, Edition of 2,000.

    New York City Invitation

    Postcard Design

    MCAD's Fine Arts Booklet

    Design and illustration created for a personal invitation for MCAD alumni that live and work in NYC to attend a gathering.

    MCAD's Fine Arts Booklet MCAD's Fine Arts Booklet

    CMY(K), 4x6 in, Edition of 25.

    McKnight Visual Artist Fellowship

    Postcard Design

    MCAD's Fine Arts Booklet

    Application web banner and postcard for the Mcknight Visual Artist Fellowship. This grant is to support working artists to create and contribute to vibrant communities. Minnesota thrives when its artists thrive

    MCAD's Fine Arts Booklet MCAD's Fine Arts Booklet MCAD's Fine Arts Booklet

    4x6in, Metallic Pantone 876 c. Edition of 10,000.

  • Riggs Ward
    Web Design


    Front end web design for Riggs Ward Design, a multi-disciplinary firm located in the capital city of Richmond, Virginia. Riggs Ward focuses primarily on visitor engagement in museums and cultural centers through experiential exhibit design, interactive media, innovative graphic design, and strategic master plans.

    My job with Riggs Ward was to come in and do a redesign of all their internal printed materials which ultimately led to my redesigning their web presence.



  • Look Here
    Print Design, Exhibition Identity

    Look Here

    This exhibition spotlights seven Minnesota artists and designers working to change people’s perception and understanding of our impact on the natural world. A focal point of this show is the tamarack bog that sits upon the main entrance to the college.

    My main priority for this project was to focus my efforts on creating an identity that used as little material as possible, and that material had to be recycled. The exhibition identity was created by using a laser printer to burn out the title and information of the show, which would have previously been cut out of vinyl. The postcards were also printed on recycled paper.

    Look Here Look Here Look Here Look Here Look Here

    4 color CMYK, Title Wall (15) 15x15 in., Postcard 4x6in., Edition of 5,000.

  • Eddie Bauer Moc Spread
    Print Design

    Eddie Bauer

    A mockup catalog spread in response to Eddie Bauer’s already existing publication. This was a personal exercise to create a unique spread set up with interesting content that would work within the Eddie Bauer brand.

    Eddie Bauer Eddie Bauer Eddie Bauer Eddie Bauer Eddie Bauer Eddie Bauer

    It would be rad if this had print information (one day).