Joe Letchford

Master of Fine Arts Thesis Catalog

Publication Design, Exhibition Design, Way-finding

aster of Fine Arts

The Minneapolis College of Art and Design’s Master of Fine Arts program is a community of makers, thinkers, theorists, researchers, and creative professionals working in a mentor- based, interdisciplinary educational environment. This incredible collection of work represents the capstone activity of two years of intensive study and a relentless pursuit of creative excellence. The candidates graduating this spring reflect the truly interdisciplinary nature of our mentor-based program and demonstrate the importance of personal expression and achievement.

The design of this catalog was based around two sidereal years to represent the amount of time these graduates spent in the program. Another major conceptual aspect to this publication had to do with the spiral bind. This binding decision was dictated by my desire for the cycle and that the publication itself was a cyclical object, not linear. Keeping with this conceptual idea, I created the system within the publication to adhere to this cycle. Each spread theoretically represents itself as the cover, by keeping the necessary information visible you will always know what it is you are picking up.

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7.5x10 in, 85 pg. CMYK Digital, Edition of 600.

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12x36 in, CMYK Digital.