Joe Letchford

Augmented Reality

Publication Design, Exhibition Design, Concept


“The deep infiltration of digital information into our lives has created a fervor around the supposed corresponding loss of logged-off real life. Each moment is over-saturated with digital potential: These fractured moments are assumed to take precedence over our current physical connections between each other. Since the birth of the Internet the thought is that the creation of commonplaces has become less about fostering connections with each other and more about individual environments for us to inhabit online. This edict to be online “…has long been portrayed as an elsewhere, a new and different cyberspace with the habit of viewing the online and offline as largely distinct. The common (mis)understanding is experience is zero-sum: time spent online means less spent offline. We are either jacked into the Matrix or not; we are either looking at our devices or not…”“The smartphone has come to be ‘the perfect symbol’ of leaving the here and now for something digital, some other, cyber, space…”

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Reality Reality Reality

4x6 in, 8 pg. CMYK Digital, Edition of 20.

.gif, projection.

36x48 in, Toner Digital.